On this map, Epanvilliers Castle dated 1923, a red dot identifies Brux and lines are for railways. It is easy to reach and explore the area. The TGV and  new LGV  (2017) cut right across the Brux commune but we have also roads, among them the Nationale 10, Paris to Spain.

     Brux is 40 km from Poitiers, 31 ml from Futuroscope. Railway (TER) at Epanvilliers.

    You may even come with your plane : the airfield, known as "Aérodrome de Couhé" lies in fact on the Brux commune, 4 km from the village. 'As the crow flies'.

    On the Church Square, the Brux Museum presents a history of the regional clothing old portrait photographs and a biography of Count Rivaud de la Raffinière, country native and one of Buonaparte's "Géneral d'Empire". 

     Frequent special exhibitions and regular gallery shows by local artists add interest to any visit to the commune.

Gl Rivaud     Accommodation nearby :
  Bed & breakfast at Brux
  Hotels at Chaunay  and Vivonne

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Camille Robert
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acknowledgements : Mairie de Brux, Mme D. Hillairet, M. Michel Grollier

Aerial view

Mairiede BRUX - F 86510 BRUX

tel : 05 49 59 23 02
From abroad: (33) 549 592 302

Bouleure River
Bouleure River, winter view

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