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  A biography is always somewhat unreal...

    From the cradle, little Michel could follow the raw hammer-on-anvil rythm.  In his early childhood, Church brought him sense of musical harmony, if not celestial one. Destiny was obvious : times were hard in the french far-west, but young Michel spared a few francs, the local currency, and bought a guitar. A 'spanish' guitar, as electricity was an odd rarity in this time and place.

  His inclination lasted ages, so he ran through several styles,
fashions and factions, adding songs to his talents, attracting people around him for collective exhibitions. Here we have the next  snapshot : Vibert  performing an action (as artists of the seventies termed it ) called "Mood Music". It was a time of large cultural melting pot and piano breaking.
   Later, the city of Montrouge tamed his rushes and gave him opportunity to perform more "musically correct" public recitals of french and british shanties.

  Drawing and painting remained for him a mere hobby, until, like Paul Claudel, Michel Vibert was struck by revelation. Not at Notre Dame de Paris, but near the Montrouge Postoffice wall. A neat red brick wall. A press photographer seized his noble gesture at this very instant, when he shout ANCH' IO SON' PITTORE ". On the 'Place de la Poste', NGO italian volunteers delivered among the crowd french translations of the Corregio quote and reanimated fainted ladies overhelmed by emotion.

It prompted him to busy himself for a great many years, filling score of sketchbooks, in his effort to tame the painting crudeness, inherited from the cave age. So, after years of hard labour, Ouvroir Hermétique is proud to presents pictures from this large display of good sound painting.

The nepali commitment

-- After those years of mind barking...
-- Just a second... 'bark', isn't the praised nepali paper materia prima
-- That's right, bark from lokta tree.
-- So his present work connects  mind and bark? Inner truth and outer wrapping.
-- Indeed. In short, for him, paintings and drawings provide practical opportunities for making connections whenever and wherever it is psychologically needed if one wants to get on...
              (thanks to Peter Greenaway)

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       'Comédie d'Images' 

    From  2010 to 2012, Michel Vibert intends to perform  three  'actions',  showing ink-on-paper large pictures, up to 2 x (20" x 26") among his others production.

       Act I  - March : rehearsal at home ;
      Act II  - November-December : exhibition  at ESM with actors performances related to ancient chinese texts  ;
     Act III  -  Brioude (Auvergne),  July 2012  Maison de Mandrin 

                 MV at Brioude cathedral
    2003 - Atelier Gutenberg - Montrouge
    2005 - Ecole Montsouris - Paris 
    2006 - 'Le 125'  - 125 Bd St Germain -  Paris
    2008 - Rue de Vaugirard - Paris

    2009 -  Aux Cercles Bleus - Paris
    2010 -  Ecole Supérieure Monsouris - Paris
    2012 -  Maison de Mandrin - Brioude
    2013 -  Mairie d'Agnat (43100)
    2014 -  Ermitage St Vincent - Vieille Brioude
    2015  - Abbaye de Lavaudieu
    2016  - Le Puy en Velay

Vibert lives and works in Paris, left bank, with seasonal migrations to summer pastures in Auvergne.

The Big Saw
The great saw - 2013

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